View Full Version : injection nubbie problem

9th March 2004, 18:52
I edit my infection I got all 3 correct files, injection,cll , ilaunch.exe , and the script and all the other files. I edit it correctly and i get an error someone please help me HELP PLEASE ........ thanks

"The client version is not supported.
(No patch information for selected client)
Checksum: 13673b78 Length: 1f3000 "

can someone please tell me my problem
it goes
checking client version.. done
loading ingnition.cfg
loading ilpatch.cfg ERROR

this happens after i click the launch button
please help thanks

9th March 2004, 23:25
ok i fixed that i got client 4.0.0c so it works but when i load everything it gets to the last part then i get an error

"This application has failed to start because igrping.dll was not found. re-installing the application may fix this problem "

does anyone know where i can get igrping.dll ??? thanks

12th March 2004, 17:46
isn't it in the basefiles of injection ??