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Modern Warfare 2 PC problem

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I've been trying to fix this problem I had, I was on an obvious hacked server with riot shield and loads of annoying stuff around me, that looked like markings and so on.

When I left the hacked server, on "Create A Class", all of my classes were called CORRUPTED, and with the same things on them, which doesnt work, like Riot Shield with Holografic sight and Silencer.

I tried to rename them back to normal, and change everything so it seems fine, but the game is still the same. I can't play like this, the UAV is DEAD, and I can't see ANYTHING with those markings moving around me.

I can confirm that it is not my account thats hacked, but my Steam. My friend tried to log on with his Steam on my computer, and he got the same result, and when we tried on his computer, it was fine.

PLEASE, how can I fix this?

Thanks in the upper hand,


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  1. 1ZED2's Avatar
    I am new at this , I had big trouble with cod .4 modern warfare it would not respond to on line play it would just say enquiring master server . then thats it!

    Well the only way i could get it to work again was to go to the MODs and load modern warfare from there .Then when I went to join a game it went to inquiring master server all was well, up came all the games . running windows 7 pro . If you know of some one with this trouble tell them about it . I hope it will help a lot of gamers with this same problem.