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Thread: Error 380- Failed to connect the gameguard update server

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    Error 380- Failed to connect the gameguard update server

    i need help... i have been looking thru all the forums i know and there are alot of threads on server emulation... i have been following instructions, but always get an error 380... i totally need help... here are some of my SS... see if i have done anything wrong... thanks


    1st ss shows my abyss folder... i extracted lalaman's rev641 into the htdocs folder...


    2nd ss shows my host file... i have edited it with notepad... typed " nprotect.maplesea.com"

    3rd, my maplestory folder... i deleted the gg folder in there...

    i have turned off all my firewalls etc etc

    many ppl have got it working... what went wrong for me?

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    yeah i got the same problem with you. anyone here would offer us a helping hand please?

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    ok... i solved my problem... instead of using abyss, try using apache... its the same thing... extract the rev files to htdocs... it works... and now i am kicking ass~

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    avegar which guild to follow huh.. can post mi the page... i wan the page that u have fixed the problem 1

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    huh? wad guild? i juz fixed my own problem lorhz... if u have the same problem as me, check if u have more than 1 web server running at the same time... my friend told me i had that problem as i had apache running in the background while i extracted my files into the abyss folder... to check, press alt+ctrl+del and check processes... make sure u use only 1 server...

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    me2 , i use lan system

    anyone can help ???

    pls ...

    or anyone can come house teach me ?
    i can pay u $$
    sms 98341156 jackson

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