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Thread: [JAPS]Day of Defeat:Source Wallhack [VAC2 Proof + Colored Models

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    So I've watched and downloaded the necessary utilities as per Rahlzel's advice: http://rahlzel.com/category/video-tutorial/.

    The JAPs mathack is not bad but I find it difficult to see the models/weapons through the white translucent walls. I was wondering how it would be possible to maybe increase the transparency in these walls. I don't want to make it completely transparent, but a tad bit more transparent would be awesome.

    FYI, I'm using Avanji's colored models and weapons.

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    Does anyone know a mathack where only the weapons show through walls?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zyk0 View Post
    All credit goes to felikz for this interesting method and my patience in making this.
    Extract into: day of defeat\dod\materials.
    Germans = Red
    Americans = Blue
    Stuff that can be launched and/or thrown at you = Pink (World models too )
    Almost everything is retextured for your enjoyment.
    This won't get you VAC2 banned. Perfectly safe.

    works f.cking great dude!

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    can someone provide more detailed instructions. How do you activate this during the game?


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    its dont work
    i dont know what to do can somebody help me??

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    Hey I see how old this is but i downloaded this and when i start it up i am able 2 see through the walls but the players arnt blue or Red please help thanks

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    Can someone show pictured of directions caus ei cant seem to get it right.... i click the file and it says needs to know what program i gotta use do i need win-rar

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    This Hack doesn't work anymore...

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    <Jerk> Apprentice Knight zyk0's Avatar
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    I have updated it to get it to work with the latest SteamPipe update. I can't seem to edit my original post but the link is provided below.


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    I cant get it to work im doing something wrong? btw cant you possible make a short vid on how to "install" it? would be appriciated

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