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Thread: This is for all you DCERS

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    This is for all you DCERS

    Ok welll theres a cool progrm in kaspersky engine called Winject. Now if u dont have kaspersky engine i will put a download link but it would be better to get the new engine im not giving the engine use the search on google or here. illl only give the file Winject.THis program makes it so you can do fly hack and vac hack and hacks that dce u for a longer period of time. There is a upgrade of Winject that kaspersky made but it sells for 10$$ and im telling u know dont look for the upgrade u wont find it so for now......

    Theses are easy very easy insturctions:
    Load up hacks(adress on your engine)
    Click Target Proccess and select Kaspersky Engine
    Now load up maplestory and while its loading press DLL to inject and click maplestory
    Then when u get in the game click Inject hack
    (O and i forgot Winject not the upgrade lets u not dc for a long time but after a while it dces but if u want u can get the PRO version for Kaspersky so u never dc)
    Happy Hacking

    IF you would like the pro version have 10$ and paypal and email
    at hotmail

    Credits go mainly to :Kaspersky engine

    GMoD NOTE: Winject was made by mcMike not kaspersky. The latest version of Winject 1.7b is available for free here: LINK
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    Winject is not made by kaspersky but by a very good friend of mine called mcMike; this is proved when you open Winject > File > About/info - there you'll see mcMike's name.

    Winject has been freely available on MPC for years as you can get it in this thread: LINK
    This is the last version mcMike made and attached here at MPC: 1.7b. I would read through the thread and also try to find other releases by mcMike has they include some nice and advanced coding snippets like SEH.

    Attachment is not approved and user is banned for selling a freely available program and trying to pass to off as someone else's work.
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