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Thread: RylFactory.com hacks

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    RylFactory.com hacks

    Well Gm Kronos...i give u a warning but u dun want to listen to me...
    U have a ****ing exp rate and laggy server if ppl reach 100++ in server

    And now im willing to help my friends out there....

    So..i will do as what i say!


    How to Use it???

    1.Delete the "Gameguard" folder in ur Rylfactory folder...
    2.Start the ****_Kronos hack...then type anything inside but dont press enter..!

    3.Start Ryl Factory Launcer and press START!
    4.Press OK in a new Weird window!!
    5.then a gameguard will download a new file....
    6.Fastly press enter in the ****_Kronos window..!
    7.Then u will bypass the window and the ****_Kronos will loading the hacks...
    8.And ur happy now!

    *simple 8 instruction to mess the GM's*

    What are the beneficts???

    No skill cooldown...(u can give Vampire Kiss X 10 times in 2 second)...
    Can open vault at anywhere by just press F2..
    can sell any thing and repair at anywhere = F1
    Blacksmith =F3
    WoooW...FLY!!! = F4
    If u die..press F8 and 1......and after u respawn..pressF9 and 1 back..and u are at the spot where u die..!

    and sorry..i didnt relese the speeder becose..it will released soon...where u can walk faster than Gm....

    Enjoy aLL....

    My socerer...St-Md-Strike

    Vampire kiss 4-4
    Darkpower 4-0
    hellfire 4-4
    ice 4-4
    shock 4-4

    Have been banned!!!
    (coz use it for lvling ONLy)

    Pls use the hack for Kill PPL's!!!!!!
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    It doesnt contain any Virus or spyware or malware...!
    Belive it ,Have FuN

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    Plz Moderator, Approve plZz!
    Last edited by vandao; 12th December 2007 at 22:46. Reason: Automerged Doublepost

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    Power Overwhelming
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    30th May 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by vandao View Post

    Plz Moderator, Approve plZz!

    Whatever, Fine, Use At Own Risk TheNnNn!

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    that is RYLfactory only??
    other cant??
    n RYLfactory is not same with other?

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    will this work for my?

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    But as i know..i modded this hacks for rylfactory.com only....not yet tested in other RYL1 versions...

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    i`m to lazy to download ryl again and try it out, can some1 who already had downloaded it try it out and post here if it works or not for ryl1 my version

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    It works, my chanter is level 72 in 1 day, thanks.

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    is that working for my v?

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    Finally my REVENGE to GM_Kronos Achived

    Only for RYLfactory.com

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    i can't on cheats;/ why??

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    r there many ppl playing at ryl factory?cause i dont wanna play it if thier are no ppl? is it basically the same thing as ryl my?

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    Can you get me a speeder too?, please

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    speeders are easy to get, go to google and type in speeders, there are many free ones.

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