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Thread: Perfect World - curently working cheats

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    Hi, is there a jump hack that is currently working on PW-PH and not bannable? I used to use CE, but they say it's now detectable.

    Thanks lots.

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    does anybody know where to get an glider for Pefect world international??

    it be great help if you do!!!!

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    it don't work on me

    it don't work on me
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    a nice gold bot for PWI would be nice >_>

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    is this working?

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    hi , is there a Bot that still working on PWi (Game version 32), please? like Aggro bot [ZcPWBot v0.26] or another one? ...


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    any jump hack that works for 59 and soon 60??

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    do you know if the file multiwindow have problems running in windows vista?

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    Question Gold/coins

    Is there a hack/cheat with which you can get some gold or coins?

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    how do i use that jump hack.??

    when i run pw then i run the jump hack nothing happens..


    help pls.. thx

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    i got a message in red saying done but i cant multijump

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    Quote Originally Posted by death515 View Post
    this message shows when i open the element.exe
    I get the same message.

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    So what exactly does the jump hack do?

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    omg plz some one send all instructions or how to do it to my or just quik reply....

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