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Thread: AggroBotv0.22(Perfect World bot)

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    AggroBotv0.22(Perfect World bot)

    Hello,heres a bot i programmed in autoit.
    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<AggroBotv0.2<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< << <<<<
    Added a pixel based autotarget bot.
    Change F9 to toggle start stop.
    Added emergency stop {End}
    Fixed an auto buffing bug in v0.21
    Fixed settings to show accordingly to Config.ini in v0.22
    Feature AT:
    1)Set ur own scan area wif a cool red box indictor(Got the idea from a guy in autoit forum)
    2)set ur own shade variation
    3)Set ur own step(To Skip pixels)
    4)Set own colour
    5)Set own offset to click

    1)Edit AT settings(Click set scan area,use hotkeys 9 to set top left corner and 0 to set btm right corner.Experiment wif it to see wat it means)
    2)Save Setting
    3)Enable AT(Note:When Enabled,bot is not running)(HotKey F10)
    4)Start Bot(Hotkey F9)
    F11 toggle visible scan area
    Note: Disable character name and enable monster name.
    Its not perfect,can be very buggy.It can be hard to use so juz ask any questions.
    pixel bot may nt be good but in games like 2moons pixel bots are good(even edit models of monsters for easy pixel searching)

    Best used wif the zoom hack,viewed from the top.
    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< << <<

    <<<<<<AggroBot v0.1<<<<<<<
    This bot basically pixel scan a color which appears when a monster is targeted,and react as it programmed to.When a monster is agressive to ur character,the bot would retaliate.

    1)Auto retaliates agressive monsters.
    2)Auto use of skills
    3)Option to auto buff,loot,stop
    4)Graphic interface

    1)Run PW
    2)Run AggroBot
    3)Go settings>>calibrate>>press ins when a monster is targeted.
    4)Edit ur settings and save
    5)Edit ur skills settings and save
    6)Press F9 to start F10 to stop.

    I have yet to find a way to target a nearest monster,if you have plz share.
    Feel free to post bugs,comments,advices.

    Zevorc ,enjoy
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    nice.. hopefully it'll work properly at least 50%, im also working on one.. but since i dont have enough time to actually fix it, its still under dev...

    PS i think i would've been better if u would've posted it in my thread here:


    just to have all cheats in one thread..
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    AggroBotv0.22.rar (420.5 KB) approved.

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    can teach me step by step i try follow ur step but its seem didnt work.. i set all but when i press Calibrate it mentioned
    " Click on the mosnter in game then press {INS} try search cant find this word ... any idea

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    oo,{Ins} is the insert key on ur keyboard,sry for poor instructions.

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    works ok, some issues with it tho.. it doesnt retaliate while it tries to pick up loot.. and it takes a while for it to find loot :/
    maybe melee classes need a new option where the bot wont look for loot.. instead itl press the loot hot key like 5 times?

    also, would be nice for the auto loot option.. when disabled to not work at all, meaning the bot immidiately pixel searches for mobs.

    another good option would be for the bot to rotate 90 degrees now and again to get new views?

    thx for the bot btw, its slow and steady. hope soon itl become something we can leave running all day without any worry^^
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    ya i am working on the looting problem
    Theres a option to turn it on and off but i added a loot in the main because when it scans for white name mobs it also clicks the item,so i loot to remove the problem.
    Other problem is that it would not rest as looting stops it.

    Sum1 in elitepvpers post an all in 1 client which enables u to show the NPC ID above all npc incuding mobs,thus u can scan for the NPC ID which is in yellow.

    When I found an solution and will post it later.
    Thx for the feedback.

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    click monster and press INS. and it show Error box!!
    "Make sure monster info box is on screen" i'm try again. and again again .... and more but not ok . . . tell me plzz. what happen?
    Last edited by Redzeed; 26th January 2008 at 04:25.

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    is this dead?

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    How to make auto target? Auto attk or skill its ok... but auto target....

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    ok i did not update this bot on this site becoz i have no time u can try go elitepvpers to find more info on this bot.Have more updates there,v0.23 and a guide.

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    i have done calibrate, done saving skill settings, and saved settings... can u pls explain more about the

    Auto Target(A/T) whole page plsssssssssss?♦

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    Hey, I have a problem with bot? What am I doing wrong? :/

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    nice bot

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