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Thread: Lineage 2 Interlude Chests, Drop, Spoil, Mob Lvl, Aggro patch!!!

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    Wink runescape money

    i always saw a guy selling runescape money .but dont know if my account will be banned when i bought?

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    I am playing on l2dex ,but when i launch the game , i see first scren , then it dissapear nad notching , no l2 launching, no l2 in
    task manager, what i need to do ,to play witch this pacth (soryy for my english)

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    anyone have hack for serve l2mega? pls send to my email klomm2008@hotmail.com

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    10x 100% working

    10x a lot 100% working
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    Long time I wasn't here..
    The DEXternet server has changed to Hellbound and I am now looking/trying to make Hellbound chests/lvl/drop/spoil patch.
    If I find something I'll post it here.

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    Here it is.


    Working 100% on dex.

    Only problem is the zoom parte.
    In Kamael-Hellbound, the Zoom ingame is no more afected by MaxZoomDist in user.ini, so i could only user PgUp and PgDown for zoom

    If you like infinit zoom and watch inside walls use:


    Here you have to press the "Pause" key on your keyboard to activate the zoom.

    Have fun and GL
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    That patch is ONLY FOR DEX or maybe can use that on other hellbound server?

    okay that is good.. but maybe You want better base to patch (i don't know what You doing that so i tell), i have patch (to c6) this gave me informationa about spoil c6+ (on beast farm etc) but not have zoom hack
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    hmm... now rapidshare hasn't that patch

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    Question abys patch

    can any1 help me plz can any1 upload the abyss patch to rapid share or 4shared cus i cant download the patch it stops at 2% i tried al the download the movie the client everything doesnt event weight 1 mb

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    how to use

    how can use this hack please help me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyuuby_Naruto View Post
    how can use this hack please help me
    First, learn to read.
    Second, this is NOT a hack, its a modifier to show NPC/mob information.
    Third, you download it and put it into your system folder.

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    tnx but my server has already this patch

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    It works perfectly excpect chest, it doesn't show it should open or not, all chest names are same ;/

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    absolutely. i agree with u. everything is fine except this treasure chests/boxes. I'm playing on the Interlude(c6) server. so i need an info , how to get this patch! I need on Interlude

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    i have a little problem the update don't let me to enter whit this patch give me some lead plss tnx

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