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Thread: Missing Crosshair!!

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    Question Missing Crosshair!!

    I just downloaded a hack for CSS on this site, then loaded it up. Everything worked great (chameoleon, waller), except that my crosshair is black. I tried changing it in the settings.cfg that came with the hack but nothing worked. So I exited out of the hack and then tried to play CSS again WITHOUT it, but now my crosshair isn't visible at all!

    I have checked in the "options" menu but to no avail. Also, I hear that there is a menu of some sort in game for these hacks. I would like to know how I can get to these menus. I'm using the SavagePrawnBot v1.1

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    Hi Xikkub,

    moved your thread to the Counter-Strike: Source section, you could've just replied to the release thread of that cheat, by the way.

    Enter this into the game console:

    crosshair 1
    cl_crosshairalpha 200

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    In console enter;
    crosshair 1
    cl_crosshairusealpha 1
    cl_crosshairalpha 750
    and you'll have your crosshair back, also it probably was deviantcheats.


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