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Thread: Private Servers - ALL POST HERE!

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    Anyways, Welcome to JeeMS !
    I am using MoograMS Repack 1.9.3

    Register on this site
    Localhost for this server http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mngk2xm0fni
    For those who need Maple Story v55

    EXP : 150x
    MESO: 20x
    DROP: 4x

    Hamachi Networks ( For Chatting & Questions )

    Please register on forum site too

    Site :
    Forum Site. http://jeems.mybb3.org/

    Please support this server and join!

    GMs are friendly people but they aren't going to be your *******.
    You shouldn't request much from the GMs either. Usually just for help.

    Events will be held almost everyday, so you could win prizes(GM scrolls, HT Necklaces, etc.) Or an exp rate / meso rate / drop rate change for a period of time.

    Spiegelmann sells ALL 10%, 30%, 60%, 70% scrolls for 750 million meso each.
    Mysterious Statue & Spinel will transport you almost anywhere.
    Level Cap is 250. (AutoCongrats when you reach 250)
    Max AP is 32767.
    Max Pet Closeness is 32k and fullness is 100.
    There are player commands.
    120 Item slots
    Beginners start with 100 buddy slots
    Beginners start off with items & pink adventure cape/purple adventure cape/z helm depending on what job you are going to be.
    Beginners that choose to be beginners will get Frozen Tunas/Pac/Zhelm.
    Pet equips work!
    Summoning bags, Commands, Morphs, and Salons all work!
    PvP is in WanWan Spa Of Hell (Go to FM first & talk to KonPei)
    FoJ is every 15 minutes.
    99% of skills work.
    Buffs work for more than 30 minutes.
    Fame every hour
    Cash Shop works 100%
    Mr Moneybags(also in FM) sells chairs.
    All the Nanas(Fairies) are in FM1 (All of them sell equips)
    When you start out, when you talk to Robin, you skills get maxed.
    Sera resets or adds stats in FM1.
    FM22 is a boss spawner map
    O-Pongo(in FM) is a buff npc (1 meso for each buff)
    When clicked Trade, you go into to FM!
    All FM rooms (except 1) are BOSS rooms!
    Spindle sells Mastery Books
    Pachinko 2 (in FM1) can change your background music
    Orange Mushroom(FM) warps you to a PQ
    Mad Bunny maxes your skills
    Pets work 100%
    Pets spawn with character
    Guild prices are similar with gMS
    Pet Name Tag & Pet Cash Food Works!
    Fredrick sells Heartstoppers, Yellow Ciders & Smegas!
    Coco sells fame
    All Gachapon work
    AP seller/buyer
    Henesys PQ
    Kerning PQ
    Ludi & LudiMaze PQ(Not Completed)
    Zakum PQ
    Guild PQ
    Working Jump Quests
    Facestomper Creator (Thomas Swift)
    Guilds BBS works
    Pet Quests give 10x EXP
    Faster Spawn Rate
    Teleporting Rocks work
    Arrows don't drop in thousands
    Name Changer "Mom & Dad"
    NX is obtained through on the website ""

    REGISTER for Forum site!

    From there, discuss with other players/members of JeeMS and find buyers/sellers/traders for items!

    So try it out now

    Player Commands:
    @rebirth (must be level 200)
    @str <number> (adds <number> str by using <number> sp)
    @pvp10 (shows top 10 in pvp)

    Please support us by joining this server!

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    the rates are

    75x drops

    Events are everyday, Gms on 24/7

    100% HACKER PROOF, (lol we stalk hackers)

    there is...

    nx shop (cheap)
    and if YOU vote for US, you will recieve 2 GM SCROLLS! (site for details)

    server is ALWAYS ON 24/7

    we'll see you there

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    ShidoMS 2k exp 2k mesos frendly GM's join today :D

    Hi,ShidoMS is a SG server and it is New and Steady Server,We Require
    Hamachi to play but we are friendly and like to joke alot so if u want a server where people chat alot, you can visit us.

    Hamachi ID :ShidoMS1/2/3
    Hamachi PW : 123

    Website: www.ShidoMS.tk

    Download Link:www.mediafire.com/?um4tizjuzyu=
    We have auto-register.
    What is auto-register?
    Auto register is an option where you don't have to register on the site anymorejust type your desired username and password in the login screen and BAM! your registerd

    Commands for NON-GM
    Like lets say you have 25ap you want to pump all into LUK
    this time you won't have to click anymore!
    Just type @luk 25

    Negative Exp
    type @exp

    Talk to the First NPC choose which job you want to become and you will also get a starter pack based of your selection.

    In the FM you can buy allmost anything and go to allmost anywhere.

    -------Custom Features--------

    Fight For NX
    In ShidoMS, NX points can be gain from monsters,
    the higher the level of the monster , the more nx points you get!

    -----NPC GUIDE!-----

    1.Nana for every town sell their town items

    2.Cody in towns and the FM helps you to job advance from level 10 onwards.

    3.When you reach level 200, a statue in Orbis Tower : 8th Floor will give you Echo of Hero skill!

    4.CustomSpinel the world tour guide teleports you to almost anytown!!

    5.Doofus in Henesys sells command books & pet food!

    5.Mr.Pickall is the rebirth NPC!

    6.Custom Starter based of the job that you select

    7.Duey sells scrolls

    8.Fredrick Sells all Megaphones And Vip Rocks and more!!

    9.Amos The Strong: Boss Warper

    10. Mr oh sells allmost any item for 1337 mesos

    11:The orange mushroom trades mesos for meso bags, so you can have more than 2,47bil

    12.Ueriba warps you to the pvp map

    13.Mr. Moneybags sells bosshunter equips

    14.Kin and NimaKin give free skin dye, haircuts, hair dyes, plastic surgeries and lense changes

    15.Spindle sells NX. 10knx for 100mil, 25k nx for 250mil

    16.O-Pongo is the buffer npc

    17.MaLady warps you to a pq if you have peice of moon

    18.in FM1 Sera gives free ap resets

    Enjoy Playing The Server And For Any Inquiries/Questions , add us on MSN or PM Us In The Game
    MSN:kdchua82@hotmail IGN:RickRoll
    MSN:david.lesicnik@yahoo.com IGN:Giga

    ShidoMS will be a more realistic server among the rest,
    I find it much more meaningful, becaused I don't really see a point in 1OOO0x EXP servers , where you can level up fast & get bored easily

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    MelodyMS |v55|Low Rates|MultiPets|Hardly Lag|Hamachi|Active GMs|Daily Events|

    Welcome to MelodyMS

    Greetings MPCForum,

    This is a newly developed server. We will have daily events and will be hosting donations as the community increases. We have many NPCs in the FM. Here is the information on the server.


    Hardly/No Lag
    MapleStory Server v55
    Exp: 200x
    Mesos: 165x
    Drops: 50x

    Custom NPCs:

    Cody = Job Advancement (1st, 2nd , 3rd) and Rebirth
    Malady= Job Advancement (4th)
    Ueriba = PvP Warper
    Duey = Scroll Shop
    Mysterious Statue = All in One Town Warper
    Amos the Strong = Boss Warper
    O-Pongo = Buffer
    Spindle = NX Seller
    Meteorite = Mesos to Item Convertor
    Mr.Wang = Pet Name Changer
    Harry = Event Warper
    Sera = Stat Manager
    Pachinko 2 = Music Changer
    Mr.MoneyBags = BossHunter Gear Seller
    Meteorite beside FM 22: Warps to FM22 and SouthPerry

    Server Hoster Info:

    Pentium(R ) 4 CPU 3.00GHz
    3.01GHz, 1.50G of Ram

    Hamachi Networks:

    Network Names:

    Password: 123



    Go to the Link after you join one of the Hamachi Networks

    Player Commands


    MelodyMSBot Commands

    To access this you must whisper MelodyMSBot and type

    contactgm [text] = Messages GM's
    dcaccount [accountname]
    dc [charactermap] [accountname] [accountpass]
    changepass [accountname][accountpass][newpass]
    resetmap [charactername][accountname][accountpass]
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    NewFuzzy MS Awesome Rates V.55 Gms Needed Nov 28

    Rates:Random Exp:100-999999meso:100-999999drop:10-10000(changed daily)
    V.55 With multipets,auto register,wedding ,cody job advancer + rebirth)
    Hamachi info:


    even though its hamachi its 24/7/runs on 3 comp.

    register:It has auto register so just type what user and pass u want in game and it will register for you,
    Gms:Awesome gms we have 4 so far i'm aiming for 6 or 7 dont post gm app meet in game Gms:Exodus,David,Binky,Arimosh.Exodus is me which i am the true creator of this server. Come join friendly gms constant events with custom npcs and items.like a wooden shield with +32767 everything no damage cap

    No Hacking allowed youll be auto banned

    1st/2nd/3rd/4thjob:100% everything works

    Many player commands like @str/@luk/@int/@dex
    ex:@int 55

    like 1-10 events everyday we are that good We have custom things like Guild Wars,Capture the flag and much more,if you win a event well take you to gm map and summon anything u want and give you item of choice .

    pvp in fm 3 2 custom pqs world pq and elite pq.very fun server.

    come and join now.

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    Forums: http://spunkyms.21.cheatengine.com/index.php

    Main Site: http://spunkyms.no-ip.org/

    SpunkyMS is a private server of the popular Wizet MMO Maple Story.
    SpunkyMS is a new, up and coming server. We have tons to offer and the
    community is great thus far we would love to have YOU as a new member today!

    Server Info:
    1. v55
    2. Non Hamachi
    3. Fast connection
    4. Dedi coming soon
    6. 500/500/custom!
    7. Great Events!!
    8. No LAG

    1. Start Pack By Robin
    2. Coco - Fame seller
    3. Ubertown - Spawns Thanksgiving Chickens!
    4. Cake Town - FM 7 Spawns all Cakes even Big Puff
    5. Mia - Christmas Present Box for NXCASH
    6. Tory - Trophy Exchanger For Items
    7. Amos - Boss Warper
    8. Mysterious Statue - Town Waper
    9. KIN, NAMKIN - Male / Female looks!
    10. Cody - Job advancer + Max SKills!
    11. Spindle - Mesos for NXCASH
    12. Duey - Scroll Seller
    13. Mad Bunny - Also Max Skill If Still Needed
    14. Mr. Moneybags - Sells Boss Items
    15. Sera - Resets STATS! (located in FM1)
    16. All Nana's - Sell Certian Job Items (located in FM1)
    17. Fredrick - Sells Core Items e.g. SMEGA, ZAKUM EYE, PAP KEY etc.

    Player Commands:
    @rebirth (must be level 200)
    @str <number> (adds <number> str by using <number> sp)
    @helpwith (read for commands)
    @commands (shows commands)
    DK - lvl 9x - Active Haxxord
    Bandit - lvl 54 - Not Active Legit
    Spearman - lvl 68 - Banned

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    ~~~~ JOIN HOMEWORKMS ~~~~



    250x EXP

    50x Drop

    25x Mesos



    LINKS ::

    Website: http://homeworkms.webs.com/





    How to Reg ::

    It is currently Auto-Register!!!

    ID: HomeworkMS
    Password: Homework

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    [AD] UnholyMS, 400x/300x/8x

    Are You Looking For a Fun and Reliable Server?
    Hate the games that are up once and down the next?
    Dont like the servers that make you feel Un-wanted?

    Then Join UnHolyMS!!

    Rates are:
    They're Not too High or Too low
    So join up! And enjoy your Time Playing

    Whats some of the things you get?

    * Custom Player Controlled Events
    - You donate the mesos, and whichever event you hosted, is hosted in thirteen towns. Some of them are;
    - Coke Event
    - NX Event
    - And much more ;D
    ( Please note there is a notice which will say the event will begin in five minutes. This is not a GM doing it, it is automatic.)

    * Rings
    * Multipets
    * Custom FOJ
    * Increased spawn rates
    * Donators Island
    * All bosses work
    * All bosses spawn every 30 minutes
    * Special Holiday events!
    * Active, Friendly GMs (:

    Not Convinced Yet?

    "What i Like about the server is the people"
    - Torrellz (Player)

    "Everything is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!@!@!!!!"
    - SkormsBow (Player)

    " Friendly Community"
    - Eclipse (Player)

    "I love the players!"
    - ~Zabrina~ (GM)

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    Magician Apprentice
    Join Date
    11th Apr 2007

    Exia MS

    If you're looking for a professional low rate server then join Exia MS. It's rates are 25/50/4 , every other info you want to know can be found on the website, join now and you won't regret it

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    ExposedMS (Odin Source)
    300x EXP
    1000x DROPs
    1000x MESOs

    Teleport and Shop NPCs (100%)
    Maps (100%) -- Includes custom maps!
    1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Job Complete!
    Scrolling Works
    Guarantee NO WIPE for Levels and Mesos
    Teleport and Shop NPCs
    Drops (100%)
    Monsters and Bosses (100%)
    Items and Equipments (100%)
    Party, Buddy List, Warehouse Works
    Buddy Chat, Whisper, Find Works
    Guarantee NO WIPE

    Technical Specs
    100Mbit/s UP
    8gig RAM
    Intel Q6600
    24/7 Server ( except on updates )

    Why you should join us:
    *Friendly, helpful GMs
    *99% uptime (the 1% being updates/maintenence ofc.)
    *A good time, just waiting for you. A server you can finally call home.
    *And much, much more.

    Main Website-

    Cya soon!!

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    ][v55] - [700/5000/50x Rates] - [Tubi!] - [PvP Rooms!] - [Max Stat System] - [Multipets] - [Custom PQ] - [Custom NPC's] - [Unlimited Flash Jump] - [No Dmage Cap] - [Weddings work] - [Active GMs/Players] - [Updated Daily] - [LAG GONE!] - [Hamachi! Not For Long!]

    Planning to upgrade to v62 soon!


    JOIN NOW!!!
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    Exclamation [QuashMS] [V55] [Dedicated VPS] [150 / 150 / 20] [Guild PVP] [Custom PQ] [Guild PVP]


    QuashMS - Simply the Best!

    General information:

    Rates: 150x/150x/20x
    Version: MapleGlobal v.55
    Dedicated root server. 24/7 Online.

    Website: www.quashms.de
    Register: We have autoregister
    v.55 mapleglobal: http://files.filefront.com/GlobalMap.../fileinfo.html
    Client download: http://www.mediafire.com/?dmydtqwtdyy
    Voting link: http://www.mmorpgtoplist.com/in.php?site=16605

    Extract Quashms-client.rar and put StartQuashMS.exe in your maplestory folder.

    Computer: Sells all items for 1 meso each
    Spindle: Sells all NX items for a price of 5-10mil
    Cody: Job advancer for the jobs 1~4
    Player commands
    Kin & NimaKin: changes your looks for free
    Boss warper
    Town warper
    Everyday Events
    Experienced Staff / Coders
    Max level 250
    Auto skill maxer
    AP resetter
    And much more!

    The QuashMS staff:
    [GM]reremixer - Admin
    [GM]Liquixx - Admin

    [GM]Angelino - GameMaster
    Fighter - GameMaster
    [GM]Angel~ - GameMaster
    Zauberer - GameMaster
    Obama - GameMaster

    The staff is waiting for you! ~


    Kin and Nimakin - Change your looks for free.

    AP resetter - Reset your AP for free.

    Mysterieus Statue - Go to different Towns for a price of 1 meso.

    Spindle: NX seller for a price of 5~10mil each item.

    Computer: Sells all items for a price of 1 meso each. Sells GM scrolls for a price of 1m.

    Youtube link 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e52Mc...eature=related

    So don't wait! come play QuashMS!~

    The staff

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    GeekStory is a new v62 server!! We are a stable v62 Private Server!!

    GeekStory is using Valhalla source so have most custom things in our server!!

    Website1 - http://www.geekstory.co.cc/
    Website - http://geekstory.no-ip.biz/
    Client - http://www.mediafire.com/?gjyiu1uymny

    Exp: 300
    Drops: 10x
    Meso: 200x

    *iGEEKY - Owner
    *Erik - Admin
    *Lexi - GM
    *Jeremy - GM

    Geeks Features
    ♥24/7 Online Server
    ♥MTS / Cash Shop
    ♥Empty FM
    ♥Global Warper
    ♥GM summoning Event
    ♥Massive Event Every Hour
    ♥GMS like server
    ♥30k Rebirth Rings - if you have max stats you can get a ring max stats
    ♥PvP System
    ♥Bot System
    ♥All-in-One Shop
    ♥Pirate Shop
    ♥Pirate Job!!
    ♥KPQ,Ariant PQ,Ludi PQ, LudiMaze,Zak PQ

    Geeks Other Info
    -- Trading System
    -- Maple Leaf System
    -- Player Commands
    -- Mounts
    -- Pets
    -- Maple Cash Shop updated!
    -- FM Trade!! (Meaning Shops)
    -- Name Changer!

    GeekStory Hope's to see you in our server SOON!! NO LAG!! v62!!

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    Exp - 400x
    Meso - 250x
    Drop - 8x
    BossDrop - 4x

    ThePack Features

    Boats/Cabins/Related travel working
    Henesys PQ, KerningPQ, LudiMaze PQ, LudiPQ, ZakumPQ, Guild PQ working
    Field of Judgement every 15 minutes
    Odin Base PvP

    Meteorite trades 1 Gold Leaf for 1 billion mesos and vice versa
    Sera maxes skills, gives random job items
    Robin resets stats and adds in stats
    Spinel warps to towns and monster maps
    Cody changes jobs including pirate
    Mr Oh changes background music
    Spindle sells NX
    O-Pongo sells buffs
    Konpei warps to PvP map
    Nara is the Donator Point NPC
    Shanks is in the FM, does all of the above.
    Vicious warps to event map if !event is in use
    Ms Tan transfers items
    Adobis manages Zakum squads
    Coco Sells Fame
    Boss Summoner is in FM22
    Henna is the All in One Shop manager (1 meso)
    KIN changes looks for males only
    NimaKin changes looks for females only

    Boss Reactors work
    PQ reactors work

    @bot - Helps you with the server bot.
    @checkkarma - Shows how much karma you have.
    @credits - Shows Credits.
    @dispose - Use if you're stuck.
    @emo - Kill yourself.
    @expfix - This resets your exp to 0.
    @fmnpc - Opens Shanks.
    @help - This shows all the player commands.
    @karma [raise/drop] [user] - Raises or drops [user's] karma (costs 1 karma to do, 40 needed to use command)
    @rebirth - Does Reborn/Rebirth at level 200+.
    @save - Saves your data.
    @str [num] - Adds [num] str.
    @dex [num] - Adds [num] dex.
    @int [num] - Adds [num] int.
    @luk [num] - Adds [num] luk.
    @version - Shows Version.
    @warphere [player] - Warps [player] to your map, need 5 karma to use.

    Hamachi Needed (Soon Non-Hamachi) CASE SENSITIVE!

    NoobyStory3 All Passwords: pass


    ^^ Link has all downloads ^^

    Join Us! ;D

    Last edited by NoobyStory; 19th January 2009 at 21:45.

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    Server Features
    Henesys PQ, KerningPQ, LudiMaze PQ, LudiPQ, ZakumPQ, Guild PQ working
    Field of Judgement every 15 minutes
    Odin Base PvP

    * A Great Community ( In progress )
    * Nice and Active GM's
    * Many Features
    * 24/7 Uptime (Location : SoCal)
    * More than 3 ways to contact the GM's

    Website- http://overcome-gaming.tk/

    Come join us!!

    Player Commands

    OvercomeMSBot Commands
    To access this you must whisper OvercomeMSBot and type

    contactgm [text] = Messages GM's
    dcaccount [accountname]
    dc [charactermap] [accountname] [accountpass]
    changepass [accountname][accountpass][newpass]
    resetmap [charactername][accountname][accountpass]

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