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Thread: MS Gms v.55 Hack

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    MS Gms v.55 Hack

    Hi, I hacked the Mob.wz in the maplestory folder, and I made something where:
    Enemies cannot hurt you,
    Their Magic cannot hurt you,
    They have no accuracy,
    Every Monster is Undead,
    and whenever you attack the after the first hit, they slooooooowwwww down really slow
    I saw other Mob.wz hacks, but they only had certain things, and not everything I wanted in one, so I made this, hope you like it


    (remove the "<" and ">")
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    No outside links. PM moderators for approval. Also, you did not "hack" anything~ You simply changed values. True hacking is something that not many people can do, myself included. Remove the outside link until a mod approves it eh?

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    lol, sorry I don't belive you.. You use the word "hack" alot..
    == Salzazar

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