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Thread: Its possible to hack online on PS3

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    Its possible to hack online on PS3

    This is mainly for COD 4. This is a hack tutorial for people that know what they are doing. its relatively easy to set up, but from there you need experience, time, and patience. i haven't yet made a hack by doing this but im going to. this isn't my tutorial. i didn't come up with it, but i thought it bring some cheating to this cheating thread.

    First it would help if i explained why this works the quick and easy way.

    A packet is a piece of information carrying a command being sent to and from the console side to the server side. Every time you shoot someone, a packet is sent to and from Infinity Ward's server to your Ps3. Each action has a complex format with many numbers and letters which tells the game server what to do and which packet to send back to your Ps3. For instance:

    Cause: You shoot someone Your Ps3 sends a packet to the game server telling it that someone has been killed and you should receive 10 points.

    Effect: +10 is sent to your Ps3. Infinity Ward's server sends back a packet to display +10 on your screen

    now you know how that works.

    Things you will need:

    1 - Your Ps3 and Computer running off of the same network with the same IP address. You can do this easily with a proxy server for your PS3. You will need to download Ps3proxy PS3HaX Network - PS3 Hacks - Downloads - PS3 Proxy Server(google it)

    Now this does work on vista but you need the 1.1 microsoft framework

    2 - Packet Sniffing Software - I.E.
    here is a list of them to google and try out. some of them will make your guess and check process a little bit easier. One that you will NEED is engage packet builder.


    and many more.

    Basically as you play the game your Ps3 will send packets to Infinity Ward's server and receive packets in return. The use of the packet sniffer will interpret which packets are being received and which are being sent. Using the sniffer you can "record" each individual packet being sent and received. Once you have captured the packets being sent and received, you may send them externally through the sniffer software. You will send and receive hundreds of packets in mere seconds which brings you to the problem of figuring out which packet does what.

    Playing in a private match and sending each packet one by one will give you an idea of what they do. Some will seem like nothing happens, which is fine. Others will shoot bullets, add points to your score, and move you from point A to point B.

    This method can be done with a majority of games that exist. From the simplest of java games to the complicated console games. People assume packet editing is simple, however, it can take hours to narrow down the specific packet you are attempting to replicated depending on the complicity of the game. Call Of Duty sends hundreds upon thousands of packets in a small amount of time which only leaves the method of guess and check.

    Setting your packet sniffer to monitor your IP address for incoming and outgoing packets is the only way to interpret the packets from CoD. You will need to make sure every other program on every computer on the network is closed, otherwise packets from other things such as an instant messenger will show up on your array of packets which will create a increase in your guess and check process.
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