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Thread: Hidden:Source again

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    Yeah this does nothing. Even from INSIDE the steam folder it cannot detect steam. It does make backup folders oddly enough. Would be really nice if you just released the files. What's the point of making it this way only anyway if not to steal steam accounts?
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    Hey there. Apprentice Knight FPSFan's Avatar
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    It works fine **** head, learn to download files.

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    "Cannot find steam, would you like to install it"


    "I really cannot find steam, without steam this hack cannot work..."

    Now at this point steam is running and it's created a backup folder in the steam folder so it obviously found steam, but it's closed.

    "Cannot find steam, would you like to install it"

    Fine, yes...

    It just opens the browser to steam client download.

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    Question: Does this still work?

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    umm still no detected steam so far..wth i extracted it too

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    Does it still work?

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    Im Guessing its still not detected by vac because its only a mathack.

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    how the?


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    Well how to download? There is no link nor attachment...

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    You can't download it. It's a dead post and I don't think Nova cares about it. (And I don't blame him, after all he was cool enough to let peoples use it)

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    Where's the download???

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    Where is the download link?!?!

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    Thank you so much! It's working

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    Look, I don't want to be rude, or annoying, or any of the above, I just want to get this thin working and enjoy making little kids rage on hidden source. Problem is, like a bunch of others, it wont detect steam, and if anybody knows how to fix that problem I would really REALLY appreciate it. Please and thank you.

    Help a guy out for a cookie, nova?

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