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Thread: BF2142 Aimbot and Removals for Battlefield 2142

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    BF2142 Aimbot and Removals for Battlefield 2142

    This is the release of a Bone Aimbot(Aims at head) and a few removals. Is 100% UD as of 30/11/2009.


    * Sky : F1
    * Rain : F2
    * Smoke : F3


    * Resign friendly commander : F5
    * Resign enemy commander : F6
    * Server unbaner : F7
    * View Distance : F4
    * Anti Vote kick
    * No Sniper breathe
    * Chat spam

    The aimbot key is "C".

    Notes on the aimbot:

    * Still in main development
    * It has a max distance, so if when you hold C nothing happens, this is because target is not in range
    * Tends to junp from target to target as i haven't quite sorted out target switch
    * Aims at peopl in vehicles as it does not has IsVisible() yet.

    I will update this as i go.

    The one bug i think it may have is that the SS blocker may not be universal.

    Also the aimbot has no switch key bud it works fine.
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    Back SS.zip (219.4 KB) approved.

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    works great thx brah

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    how do i inject in game? if i use perx it crashes

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    it sees a virus on my pc when i try to dl it
    a trap?

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    So where do I put this? I'm new to this sort of stuff, so it'd be nice to have some kind of readme or something, though if you guys just give me the name of the folder, I'll "figure it out".

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    Unhappy i do not know where to put this

    i do not know where to put this if someone would be so nice to tell me

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