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Thread: Torrent Ratio Keeper

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    Thumbs up Torrent Ratio Keeper

    Does anyone use it and what you think about this program, I use it for a month and it works perfect and I am very pleased.
    What are your opinions?
    If someone does not know what it is, it is a program to increase the upload file as many percent as you wish (1000%, then 1 mb uploaded it will look like 11 MB) to customers who use a program such as uTorrent, Azureus, ABC. ..

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    If I'm using a public tracker I don't give a crap about the ratio, and if I'm using a private one I prefer to actually contribute.

    Quote Originally Posted by ljobi View Post
    1000%, then 1 mb uploaded it will look like 11 MB
    Also, how'd you round this?

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    I'm using a semi-public tracker and my ratio is 10 so I guess I'm just a better person

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