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Thread: Free ZhyperMU Accounts (has good items and sets)

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    Free ZhyperMU Accounts (has good items and sets)

    I gathered some account lists for ZhyperMU. I quitted zhypermu so I got lots of zhypermu accounts that has good items that I kinda stole lol. There's so many I haven't checked most of them but so far almost every one of them is working. couple of accounts have really good items like perfect titan sets.

    Just go to this website where I posted the accounts. I don't wanna post the accounts here because I need more visitors/views on my website..Hope thats ok, not asking too much.. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DOWNLOAD ANYTHING! Accounts are posted in the website so don't think you will have to download something and it could be a virus or something...
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    I sense a ban hammer smackdown in a few minutes. Try syphoning traffic somewhere else.
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