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Thread: [Release] SolidProxy S5/S6 - Multi-Protocol - Version 1.22

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    cant use anything pls tell me why doesn't work :|

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    Quote Originally Posted by metal_kid View Post
    No luck for me with virtualbox, I tried the solution you are suggesting about opening solidproxy in virtual machine (guest) and opening the game in main machine (host), I tried port forwarding 44405 & 55901 ports, I also disabled antivirus and windows firewalls but still the same, when the game finish loading at start it shows the message "You are disconnected from the server" before I can even choose servers realms, I even tried the other way like opening solidproxy in the main machine (host) and connecting to game from virtual machine (guest), put the host IP in solidproxy and host files, but I got the same results.
    make sure you set up the hosts file correctly on the gaming PC (where the client runs, not the SolidProxy).
    The line should just be *IP of PC running SolidProxy* connect.muonline.webzen.com

    and on the PC running SolidProxy make sure u have the same IP in the SolidProxy itself.
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    Here's how to set up SolidProxy on VPS

    note that "" and "" can change according to your network.
    in order to find your IP address just go to your connection status and see what your IPv4 is. make sure its your LAN IP.
    The line for the Hosts file is: *IP of PC running SolidProxy* connect.muonline.webzen.com
    Remember! only set it on the Client PC Hosts file!

    after setting this up, instead of the connection being Client==>MU Server, the connection will be Client==>SolidProxy Server==>MU Server.
    The hack isnt detected because GameGuard is running on the Client PC, which is not running SolidProxy

    Good Luck!
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    Thanks @Liron33, i hope thats enough info...
    @rest: If you didn't notice, I am banning ppl who can't read and ask for a new version/bypass. It's amusing how all the leecher 0-post people come out of their holes, after something doesn't work anymore

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    yea that great but some ppl cant run VPS (crap computer low ram low GPu) there is other way to run SP without VPS?

    hmm maybe if u invisible SP in task this will be work

    i try do it with hidetoolz but when i try connect xd i got alwways GG error 114
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    Then the SP only works on Virtual Machine?
    I do not use virtual machine I'll download and test here,
    which setting to use in a virtual machine to test the q of SP on it?
    My PC: Core i7 2600k 1TB HD 4GB Ram Geforce 1gb card

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    anyone has good vps site or software...that can share plz?

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    Cool Virtualbox vs VMware

    Guys, I gotta say...

    Do not use VMware... it's unstable, I lost many hours trying to figure out a way to make it work properly without results. Then, a few days back, I tried Virtualbox and MAGIC! It worked like a charm.

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    i cant use anything I can use only agi hack why? pls tell me

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    1st: Coda, nice work

    Guys, I been succesfully to run solid under vmware.. But after a few minutes playing, I get dc with the msg "Disconnect by Server deteced".

    During play, I usually go to vmware trade some config, like skill, or test skill hack with others values.

    Any idea? =/

    Tkz for the forum, tkz for the help, tkz for all!

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    1st: Some people just dont know how to read previous post. Or just dont know how to read at all...
    2nd: Thx Coda for this. Made Lvling and hunting alot easier... Boohoo for the GMs of webzen...
    3rd: I use Oracle VM Virtual box... I only needed to configure it once and it worked... If yours doesnt, it means it your fault for being a dumbass...

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    have packets to create summ or rf ?

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    Hello friends, I tried several ways to use the "PC + VMware," I used all possible options for the network in vmware 4.0.2 build-591240, but it still fails ... if anyone has another solution for friends to post up to and please .... hugs

    c0da, I do not know how it is being made ​​in the identification of solid pc for WZ, but as the service is solid as a service running in task manager maybe if you create a dll to hide such a service or make the same change the name of service, maybe this might be a solution (just a suggestion) ... however, it is up to you to say what is best ^ ^

    I thank you for your attention.

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    solidproxy work really in virtual box or other pc in network.(rede)

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    what is skill id for C1 07 D4 D8 32 61 60 chain drive ?

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