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Thread: [Release] PTMagic Ultimate (Semi Universal)

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    Question [Release] PTMagic Ultimate (Semi Universal)

    Welcome to PTMagic Ultimate!

    This version of the hack has as main target the Priston Tale Brasil

    As the name says, it is a Semi Universal version, which means that some of the functions should work with different servers of Priston Tale, including private servers. It also means that the hack has the auto update characteristic with some of the functions, so some of them will keep working and others will stop working after the game updates.

    It is also important to say that since I don't play this game anymore, some of the functions may not work properly or even completely don't work.

    Another really important thing is that there are commands that can cause block, because they are already detected by the anti-hack system of the game. I am not responsible for blocked accounts, so test it using random accounts before using in your main one.

    To conclude, some of the functions are already known and some of them were created by me, it's up to you guys to discover how each of them works.

    Have fun and explore the new PTMagic Ultimate!

    This hack may not work on x64 machines.

    For the hack to work properly you have to install the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, if it still doesn't work, try installing the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

    Link to Download the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5:
    Detalhes do download: .NET Framework 3.5

    By fuzyhack at 2012-03-27


    1 - Open the hack
    2 - Open the game


    ALT+A -> Goes to the previous tab of hacks.
    ALT+Z -> Goes to the next tab of hacks.
    ALT+F9 -> Commands for the current tab of hacks.

    If you didn't understand the commands, try using each one of this 3 inside the game and you will understand.

    Link for Download:
    Download PTMagic.exe for free on uploading.com

    Link of the Scan:

    For more information click on the Tutorial button of the hack window before opening the game.

    Special thanks for Shard, Kfir and unzubaru from MPC Forum for the sources and for the help.

    Credits for Lucas ' ~ from WebCheats Forum for the image of the hack.

    Credits for me for creating this hack, cacau10 at MPC (Fuzy at WC).

    For the moderators, if the PTMagic is good enough, I would like you to Fix my topic at this forum, since it is probably going to work for a long time in different servers of Priston Tale.

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    Well, that is weird, I will test it here for the Priston Tale Brasil again to see what happens about the xtrap.

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    Any update on this does it work on English pt or not ?
    Thanks in advance

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    A p0wn ch00 Devil of Hell unzubaru's Avatar
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    30th May 2007
    Well......That would be Telling wouldnt it
    Thanks for the greets mate, congratulations on making this !!
    "Money Cant Buy Happiness, but hey! Its sure helps!"

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    is this one still available?

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