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Thread: New Maphack Detection !

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    New Maphack Detection !

    Hi ...

    Today i found a Program that fusion a replay into a "VoD".
    With the VoD you can see - Selection, Action, APM, Minerals, Screen Movement etc. ...

    Here the file ...


    1. Unzip File
    2. Move into the Starcraft Folder ( Where is the Starcraft.exe )
    3. Start Program and hit the 800x600 or 600x480 Button.
    4. Select the exe File of your Broodwar CD.
    5. Create Game - Choose Replay ...

    Bio (Sry for my bad englisch Oo)

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    I have noticed a map hack detection whilst playing

    when u start it say "xxxx is using map hack detectoctor blah blah"

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    minor question.
    What is APM?

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    ur wrong

    dude u can ovride anything dont be fooled

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    What exactly is a maphack detection? Is it like a maphack but better?
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    download it and see for yourself.

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    it detects and sees if sum one has a map hack on its like a hack thats an anti hack
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    An anti Maphack for SC is impossible, simply because of the fact that the Maphack is Clientsided - it doesnt send or recieve any data packets from the server, and thus it is impossible to make a program to detect the hack unless you can visibly see the oponents mini map.

    For example, the Maphack in Diablo II is the same principal - it is ClientSided. The features like the inventory viewer on Mousepad's v1.00d Maphack however required data to be sent and recieved, which is why it was then detectable by Blizzard and Battle.net.

    To prove my point, Packetlog your maphack with WPE(Winsock Packet Editor), and see with your own eyes.

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    this isnt good to check for map hack it detects False Clicks Best program that really DO work is BwChart And you can get it at www.Bwchart.com

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