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Thread: GM's are invisible...

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    GM's are invisible...

    Ok, this is my theory of how they ban, since some guy said gm's have to see you hack inorder to ban you(photoshop). Some hater ss you and email the GM. GM then track your name through the game. WATCHES YOU without you noticing anyone is there. You get d/c. Log back on as usually and BAM, one f***** guy. And thats basically how i got banned... Out of nowhere i just d/c and get banned. I didn't see anyone on the minimap or anyone next to me either. But this is only my theory .

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    dam. that means any of us (including me) can just get d/c and then baneed jsut like w/o knowing even if we only used a hack once and some noob toke a screen of it. hope no one ss'ed me.

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    one thing i can tell you is...if some guy said they ssed u, just dont use it for a day or two. chances are gms are tracking you down including a list of others. once that moment comes when u are hacking and they happen to track your name...gg to you.

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    dam, the gms are sneaky, u cant see them at all. lol hope i dont get ban

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    hmm how do you know they are invisible? lol, i always see them...especially in the trees at ellinia and at the sauna in sleepywood...infact one came into the sauna and said to all of us to stop spamming...maybe they have a tracking thing that tracks really high message rates or kill rates or somethin...i dunno.

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    gms have no life period.

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    Hah...are you sure ? My friend and I was parting and he was using gravity hack with all the evil eyes and the gm came out and told him your account will be ban in 1 minute for 3 weeks. Then one minute later he got d/c and couldnt get on and the gm told me if he catches me hacking im dead too lolz...so basically i don't think u got ban i think you got HACKED.
    Trying to make the world a safer place :smoke:

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    GM's is not invisible... *****

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    there is ur lesson

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    well im sure they can be invisible n try to find us. im sure they probably have no life like u said but there trying to make the game fair for those non-hackers

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    GMs are not invisible you simple-minded fools.

    Our favorite lil' Rapper, Lil' Bow Wow still had some juice left in him. He had such hits as "Fresh Azimiz" and "Like U" with his current "boo" Ciara. This is the first year back for Bow Wow (He took the "lil" out now that he's a thug) since he's had a long hiatus after alleged molestation rumors. Although the molestation rumors have been denied by Bow Wow's clique, it's obvious his new violent lyrics are a spawn of a deeply personal sexual scar.

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    whoa thats a whole lota hi lvled s**t u got in that screen.

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    aww that how i got bannedi lsot my lvl56 warrior

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    So you mean gms are invisible?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gggunit
    gms have no life period.

    If they were doing this for free then Yes you would be right,
    But no they do have a life, that is their Job that They are being Paid For.
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